10 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now without names.

1. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of the young woman you’re becoming. I’m proud of you for living a normal life despite continued health issues. I’m proud of you for learning to stand on your own two feet and find your voice.

2. You let me down and abandoned me. You were supposed to be my mentor, my guide, my support. And you failed in every way imaginable.

3. I’m grateful beyond measure for your friendship and unflagging support. Without knowing you, I’d likely be a broken mess, thinking it was just me and that I was all alone in that chaos.

4. I’m saddened and disappointed that you continually refuse to step up to the plate and be there for her. You haven’t seen her in nearly five months and I doubt you even know she’s going to Senior Prom tomorrow with a handsome new boyfriend, let alone the color of her dress. You’re missing out on knowing a fantastic young woman and your only child.

5. I miss seeing you in person. I wish you lived closer. But I’m really glad you’re a part of my life.

6. I still think you’ve got great potential to be who you want to be and I’m surprisingly OK with giving you this second chance to find out.

7. I’m glad you two found each other now. You’ve treated her right and been a perfect gentleman so far. Don’t blow this one – she’s precious to me.

8. Your constant positivity is an inspiration to me. I think you’re one of the neatest people I know and I find all of your adventures fascinating. Thank you for your friendship and kindness.

9. Thank you for “listening” via emails and for sharing your life so openly. It helps a lot to know others are struggling with things too.

10. You’ve spent the best years of your life sacrificing for others and taking care of them. I suspect it’s what you’ll expect of me in the years to come, despite your plans for an assisted living home when the time is right. It scares me to see your memory and cognitive functioning beginning to fail because I don’t want to give up the life I’m just about to get back to take care of you, even though it’s the right thing to do.

2 thoughts on “10 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

  1. I have so many things that I would say and yet do not. Perhaps because I have never been encouraged to speak my mind. Thank you for sharing those anonymous thoughts.I suppose that if I were so inclined, I could say many of those same things to people I know.

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