10 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Day Eight: Three turn-ons:

*The only hard part about today’s post is sticking to just three!*

1. Intelligence and a quick wit. I touched on this already, but if a man can keep up with me intellectually and sustain a deep conversation, he’s halfway to my heart already. Bonus points if he likes puns and appreciates my sense of humor, which leans more to a British sensibility, for better or worse. Make me laugh and keep me interested in what comes out of your mouth (until I gag you), and I’m a happy Domme.

2. Submissive reactions. Nothing makes me melt faster than that low purr of, “Yes, Ma’am”, as his eyes dart quickly up through lowered lashes to check my reaction. It’s in the tilt of his head as he lays it in my lap, it’s in the settling into his kneel at my feet, head pressing up ever so slightly into my hand resting there, it’s in the breathy, “thank you, Ma’am” every time the flogger…or crop…. or my hand… meets flesh, it’s in a myriad of reactions big and small that let me know he’s right where he needs and wants to be – in so many ways. This isn’t something that can be forced or faked – it’s an organic exchange of complementary energies and when it’s right, when it just … hums….yeah…I’m gone, baby.

3. The sounds men make when deeply aroused. Unlike most women, I pay zero attention to the “plot” of porn and I’ve never been overly stimulated from written erotica. Unlike most men, watching porn, amateur sex, or even a BDSM scene is little more than idle curiosity to me. No, what truly titillates me, what gets me all damp and tingly is the SOUNDS a man makes when he’s half out of his mind with lust and desire. Combine a moaning man with a F/m dynamic and it’s almost guaranteed to get me off.

You can imagine my glee when I came across this gem of a site: http://moaningmen.tumblr.com/ (there’s also a companion SoundCloud site). It’s now my go-to whenever I need a little somethin’ somethin’ to get me in the mood.

Men who are utterly quiet and inert in bed frustrate me. I need to HEAR how turned on he is – yes, his erection tells me that, but I need more than a physiological reaction to stimulation. Let yourself go and let me HEAR you moan…

(I’ll be in my bunk…)

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