30 Days of Kink: Days 6 and 7

Note: Once again combining “days” from the list because I can.

Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

I’ll answer day 7 first, although I prefer the term tool to toy: Rope.

Rope is versatile.

Rope can be sensual and connecting.

Rope can be rough and biting.

Rope can restrain and control.

Rope can set the one receiving the rope free – free to relax and fly.

Rope can tie a person to a chair…

…a bed…

…another person.

Rope can tie a person’s parts to other parts of their body.

Rope can provide delicious torment and predicament.

Rope can suspend a body and free it from the constraints of gravity.

Rope can be beautiful, sexy, tactile.

Rope can convey energy from giver to receiver and back again.

Rope always fits perfectly – it is endlessly adaptable.

But really? My ACTUAL favorite tool is my mind and my hands used in combination. I like to get tactile and touch/pinch/scratch. I like to use my mind to create devious torments and contradictions of sensation.

And because our minds truly are our largest sex organs, that leads into the question for day 6:

The thing about fantasies, is that they don’t ever have to be practical. Most won’t ever see the light of day, and that’s OK. My fantasies aren’t that terribly weird or “out there” as far as fantasies go. I’ve been lucky enough to experience a lot of what USED to be just fantasies for me over the years. But if I let my mind wander? There’s often a variation of:

Some sort of abduction by me of a beautiful, innocent young man. I keep him in my home and train him to serve me and crave the pain I inflict. He’s bisexual/pansexual (of course), and there are all manner of boy-on-boy scenes that I am a part of (or sometimes just an observer/controller of).

But then my mind tends to expand that idea to having several such boys  – one who is primarily the garden/lawn boy, one who is a domestic servant, one who cooks, perhaps one who serves only sexually….they live in a small cottage on my property – a property which is deep in a forest which I own (hey, it’s a fantasy…) and which includes an herb garden, a vegetable garden, chickens and bees. The houses are as off the grid as possible – a combination of geothermal heat, solar power, and some sort of large battery storage system. The boys maintain everything (because they are all smart, science-minded boys, except maybe the sex-slave boy – he needs…different skills) and I somehow have enough money to never have to actually work for a living (fantasy, remember?).

So not a particularly weird or interesting fantasy, but that’s where my mind goes most often these days.

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