Challenges and Changes

Hey Susannah – where the heck have you been the last two months? Your blog has been all but abandoned!

Funny you should ask…life has been busy! In brief:

  • The commute to Boston had quite literally been harming me. Back in March, my long-existing minor arthritis pain in my hips suddenly flared up into excruciating pain (especially my right hip). Clearly exacerbated by my ever-expanding commute (approaching four hours/day many days) and my utterly sedentary job. Specialists were seen – nothing conclusive determined. I found an amazing craniosacral therapist who is also a chiropractor and that combination helped get my pain to mostly-manageable levels. But this also spurred my quest for a job closer to home (as there was no way I was going to pay the exorbitant rents closer to work in Boston proper).
  • I got a new job that started July 5 – same job, different institution in a different state (it’s New England – that’s not as big of a deal as it sounds). I’m SO much happier with my new colleagues and team. It’s just a really good fit for me on multiple levels. Yay!
  • I decided I’d had enough of my overly-intrusive and inappropriate, misogynistic landlord and used the opportunity of a new job and his sudden rent increase to find a new place to live even closer to my new job. I moved in late July and I’m now 1.8 miles from work and loving the commute. I gained 14 hours of free time per week on average. It felt like I had my life back!
  • The new house is 200 years old, with a historical marker and everything, which is awesome. The neighborhood is very diverse, which I love. The neighborhood is also overrun with large rats, due in part to cultural differences in acceptance levels of rodents. The majority of my neighbors simply do nothing to curtail them. Couple this with my new landlord being clinically depressed, flat broke, and the laziest man I’ve ever met and…well…it’s been a bit of a nightmare. I swing between regretting the move and loving the place every few days. I’m currently documenting the shit out of everything and informing him of how much I’m deducting from my rent each month for the repairs I’ve made to the house. And there’s so much more to do. The good news is, K waged a rather successful war on the rats in my house (shudder – the living nightmare which shall not be discussed), and I have a friend who is a handyman who has been a huge help (at a cost to my landlord, of course). However, this means that nearly two months in, I’m still not unpacked and it still doesn’t really feel completely like home. Hopefully soon.
  • I got two cats! I’ve missed the cats we had in Ohio (we had to find good homes for them when I moved to New England). One perk of the new house is that I’m allowed to have cats. The shelter informed me they were 11 month old sisters and MUST be adopted together. They gave me a two-for-one deal and I brought them home. Only to find out they do NOT get along. At all. It’s been a struggle. With behavior modification and a holistic serum, they’re coming around in recent days. Fingers crossed. They are very sweet and snuggly but horribly jealous of each other.
  • I met a new boy! For the sake of this blog, I’ll call him Hobbes (as in the stuffed tiger from the comic). He’s incredibly sweet and new to D/s. He’s had enough experiences to know some of what he likes in terms of kink, and enough self-awareness to know he’s submissive at heart. We’re taking things slowly and he’s been incredibly receptive and open to everything I throw at him. He’s a natural in many ways and seems utterly willing to embark on a journey of submission. He’s even started his own blog (which is set to private for now). Yes, both he and K are well aware of each other and 100% on board with not being the only boy in my life. I’m continually amazed at the natural compersion both have. It’s an awesome thing.
  • The hip pain came back. With a vengeance. I found a chiropractor in my new city who also did a form of therapy similar in approach to craniosacral. I left his sessions in more pain than I arrived in every time. And it never really got better. So he referred me to his colleague (who’s office is in the same building) who is an Occupational Therapist AND certified in craniosacral therapy as well. I’ve gotten some relief from her but it’s not stellar. I finally saw my GP last week who has referred me to another specialist. I’m guessing an MRI will be in my near future. I suspect it’s a combination of arthritis, bursitis (maybe), and some sort of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. My job is still sedentary so I’ve put in a request for a desk that can switch between a standing desk and a sitting one. I can stand for about 20 min without pain and can sit for about 3o min without pain. Fingers crossed. The pain has seriously curtailed my daily activities and saps my energy. Leaving not a lot for K or Hobbes. But both have been very understanding.
  • K had some challenges to deal with in his personal life that have resulted in us being apart for the longest we’ve been apart since the day we met. It’s approaching three weeks and may need to go longer. It feels right now like the D/s is largely on hold (not helped by the rat/house issues and my health challenges). I’m looking forward to reconnecting with him as soon as circumstances allow.  We still chat every day, but our dynamic has always been hugely reinforced and strengthened by physical touch and proximity. It’s not been easy.

So, there you have it. My life in a nutshell. Some very good things going on as well as some serious challenges. Overall, a lot of change, which has consumed much of my energy.

The really, REALLY good news (at least in my head), is that with the new job and shorter commute, with all those hours back in my life, I’m finally starting to feel creative again. I’ve been reading every night again (I’m not even sure when that lifelong habit stopped, but it was definitely tied to the job in Boston). I’ve started knitting again. I feel like writing again – not just this blog, but that old urge to create something from nothing and put it down on paper (OK, on a screen). I actually baked a PIE (I cannot remember the last time I did that but it must have been in Ohio).

This is huge to me and what I hang on to when I start regretting the move to the new house. It feels like I’m finding myself again.

Not making any promises about this blog, but I’m hopeful I can use it as another creative outlet again soon.

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