Got Knismolagnia?

Say what, now?

According to Kinkly, knismolagnia is defined as: a fetish where sexual arousal is produced through tickling. This term stems from the word knismesis which describes a light, tickling sensation. People may experience knismolagnia when they are being tickled or by watching someone else get tickled. Knismolagnia is also known as titillagnia.

drawing of a man tied to a chair and blindfolded being tickled by two hands

So why am I writing about it?

No, it’s not a particular fetish of mine. In fact, I can’t stand to be tickled – I actually hate it and have been known to react rather violently if tickled without my consent. But…

This past weekend I attended my first ever tickle party! And guess what? It was FUN!

The rules were sound and designed to keep everyone safe. Nudity was NOT an option despite it being held in two hotel rooms.

I knew a few of the people there already, including one of the organizers. There were about 15 of us all together – all ages (21 to 50’s), races, genders and orientations. A really great group of people I’m happy to know. Nearly everyone except me (and I think one other person) self-identified as a “lee” (short for ticklee). I identified as a “ler” (i.e. tickler) and also a “yeur” (i.e. voyeur).

Here’s the thing about a tickling party – EVERYONE is HAPPY! Seriously – I defy you to not grin while people are laughing their heads off while being willingly tickled. Laughter is contagious. In between bouts of tickling there were several cuddle piles on top of the beds. Just happy, relaxed people enjoying each others’ company with the only mood-altering substance being an endorphin rush from tickling and/or being tickled.

woman tickling man

I did tie one “lee” to a bed (of course I had two lengths of hemp in my purse…doesn’t everyone?) and tickled the heck out of him. I had only met him at the (mandatory) munch a couple of hours earlier, but he responded amazingly to my touch – it seemed every part of him was ticklish under my fingers. So much fun! I had a bit of a wrestle and tickle bout with a young, lithe and wriggly friend of mine later in the evening. But mostly I chatted and watched…and grinned a lot.

It’s still not a fetish of mine, although it’s long been something I like to incorporate into my play when I have a consenting partner. I think I enjoyed it so much at this party because, as I’ve stated before, at my core, I’m a reaction junkie. And there’s nothing like tickling someone to elicit a reaction!

Later I reveled in the attention and cuddles (and a foot rub) from several folks at once – it was pretty awesome to be the object of so much affection with zero pressure (implied or otherwise) for sex or kinky play or even topping. They just enjoyed being with me because I was me, because of the energy I brought.

So if there’s a tickling group in your area – check them out! The Boston area folks are second to none, though.

And don’t be afraid to try new things even if they’re not your kink.

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