D/s 101

Basic definitions:

Wikipedia has a pretty decent overview of what BDSM is.

My blog focuses mainly on D/s, by which I mean dominance and submission, specifically female dominants and male submissives, because that’s what I’m interested in and the way I’m wired.

Also from Wikipedia: “A kink is is a term used to refer to an intelligent and playful usage of sexual concepts which are overt, accentuated, unambiguously expressive of sexuality. The term derives from the idea of a “bend” (cf. a “kink”) in one’s sexual behaviour, to contrast such behaviour with “straight” or “narrow” sexual mores and proclivities. The term “kink” has been claimed by some who practice sexual fetishism as a term or synonym for their practices, indicating a range of sexual and sexualistic practices from playful to objectifying and paraphilic. Kink sexual practices go beyond what are considered conventional sexual practices as a means of heightening the intimacy between sexual partners.”

More people are into “kinky” activities than is conventionally realized, however.

SSC? RACK? What’s with the alphabet soup?

This post has a nice, basic explanation of these two approaches to BDSM. Be wary of anyone who tells you both are bullshit – safety is always key and everyone has the right to safe practices!

First off, if you haven’t joined Fetlife, go do it!

It’s free, it’s safe (just pick a pseudonym) and there’s a wealth of information there.

  • This thread has a lot of good advice and links to other posts about being new to Femdom and D/s in general.
  • Are you a new Dominant woman? Go read this.
  • Are you a new male submissive? Go read this.

Safety is important, kids!

  • This group on Fetlife is dedicated to topics on safety.
  • This group is dedicated to topics related to BDSM toy safety.


*More to be added to this page later – if you have any good links, please share them!


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