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Tying up boys with rope is something I enjoy. The fancy looking, prettier ties come from what we in the West call Shibari but is actually called Kinbaku in Japan, where the art form originated. The VAST majority of resources on shibari involve the tying of women. Most ties can be easily adapted to a male body, however. Some of the links below will show/talk about tying of a woman – just apply the same techniques to your boy and all will be good.

Safety is imperative! Using rope irresponsibly can be DANGEROUS. There are a lot of more thorough resources easily searchable online on the safety issues surrounding the use of rope. I urge you to go look them up. This is just a very short list of the basics.

  • Always have a pair of safety shears at hand – I will slip them into the back pocket of my jeans or lay them on the bedside table. I’ve never had to use them, but I feel better knowing they’re there.
  • KNOW YOUR BOTTOM! Knowing the health situation of anyone you are tying is critical.
  • NEVER ASSUME that just because the bottom is not crying “red” they are fine. When someone is in subspace, they are not able to be a good judge of their well being. It’s your job as the top/dominant to check frequently! Check for breathing, check circulation, check color of hands and feet.
  • NEVER try something like suspension without knowing what you’re doing. That means learning from someone qualified to teach you. Not someone who’s done it once or twice, but someone who is experienced and takes teaching proper techniques seriously.

All that being said, there are a lot of relatively easy, low-risk ties that you can learn on your own from videos or books. Take time to practice – don’t tie them too tight the first time you do them. Be prepared to laugh and work together with your partner to get them right the first few times you try them. Practice can be fun!


The two that I return to again and again are written by Two Knotty Boys. They actually include male models in their books and the photos are clear and easy to follow.  You can find their books on their website or


  • The Two Knotty Boys also provide videos of how to tie a plethora of ties.
  • Here is a nice video of a leg tie from Stockroom. Stockroom has other ties too – poke around a bit on their site.
  • Twisted Monk also has some videos on their Youtube channel worth checking out.


  • This picture tutorial of a basic karada (harness) was the first rope tutorial I ever used. It’s still a go-to tie for me.
  • MonkeyFetish has some nice picture tutorials for a variety of ties.

As with other resource pages, this is a work in progress. If you have other suggestions to add to this page, please let me know!


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  1. In the gif where the blonde lady is tying down a guy’s cock. What was the substance she placed inside the condom? I’m assuming it was a condom couldn’t quite be certain. If you can and would be so kind as to answer my question it would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I have no idea what .gif you’re talking about. I didn’t make the videos/.gifs I link to – you’ll likely have to ask the folks who did.

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