Some Brief Updates

I’ve had more than a few folks track me down in various places on the web to ask how my health is, after I vented a bit on the blog about my multiple health frustrations.

So I figured a brief update was in order:

  • Breast biopsy was negative – I’ll get re-checked every six months for a while.
  • Chronic cough has lessened some with Prilosec (going on the assumption it may be due to GERD). I go back to chat with my doctor about this in 10 days. So we’ll see.
  • I’m back on my old blood pressure med which has resulted in a HUGE difference in how I feel in general. Much better now!
  • The foot issue…continues to be an issue. I was diagnosed with Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder (PTTD) and I also have an accessory navicular (extra little bone) near the point where the tendon attaches to the arch area of my foot. Hence all the pain when I walk. I had a brief but intense bout of oral steroids and I’ve been in a walking air cast/boot for five weeks – one more week to go then it’s back to the podiatrist for a re-evaluation. I’ve also been going to physical therapy three times a week. They gave me some gentle exercises and they do a bit of ultrasound then they hook me up to a machine much like a TENS unit and zap a steroid-type liquid medication directly into the area. Not only do I NOT tolerate electrical pain well, my skin reacts very badly to this treatment. It’s 20 minutes of pure pain and I’m left with redness and blistering that lasts for several hours after. Three times a week. Only week left of that!
  • Dreading the re-check with the podiatrist as she may recommend surgery which would be pretty       involved and be a lengthy recovery. But I have fantastic insurance through my university until Aug 8, so I’d rather do it sooner than later if I need it.

Combine all of the above with frantic job hunting and dwindling savings reserves and you have a bit of an idea why I’ve been a bit too preoccupied to blog anything of substance here in a while. Oh – and I’ve got 50-60 people descending on my yard tomorrow for my daughter’s graduation party so I’ve been in party-prep mode for a few days as well!

All will sort itself out soon, I’m sure. I’m working on my patience – never a strong suit!

So thank you, dear readers, for all of your positive energy and care and concern. It’s appreciated! I’ll be back to some semblance of what is normal for me eventually. Thanks for sticking around!

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