Spontaneous Fun

Today was a stressful day at work. Nothing bad, but it’s a crazy, hectic week for my entire department and I had to deliver a professional development webinar in the middle of it all today. I also had a ton of grading to complete which was adding to my stress level, as having unfinished things piling up makes me incredibly stressed and tense. I attempted to alleviate this by heading to a local coffee shop with my laptop after work. I texted Hobbes (my newest boy, who continues to surprise and delight) whose bus was just arriving about a mile away from where I was. I offered to pick him and drop him off at his house on my way home.

Mostly I just wanted to kiss him and see his goofy grin again.

We were about three blocks from his house when we saw the best taco truck in all of Providence. Just beyond it we noticed what looked like a little art festival. A quick trip around the block for a parking spot and we were off and exploring.  We discovered some cute little stalls offering everything from Tarot readings to funky jewelry to kitchy art made from license plates. Beyond the handful of artist stalls we entered the funkiest, most random, meandering flea market/artist village. The rooms just kept unfolding, leading us deeper and deeper into the building. Each room was more eclectic than the last – we got lost in all of the goofy, amazing oddities, the original art, the reclaimed treasures of the past, and the vintage clothing.

We eventually made our way back outside, past the toddlers running in circles around the folk-singer, and up toward the violinist near the taco truck. After making our purchase, we noticed a beat up van with its side door open and a sign that said, “photo booth”.

Photo booth van? Photo booth van.

Five minutes and five dollars later, we were each clutching identical strips of four photos of us being in turns sweet, pleasant, and goofy.

Our laughter came easily and we were just comfortable with each other in the moment.

It’s been a long time since I did something spontaneous, and I’ve never been with anyone who thought a photo booth was fun and worth the $.

I didn’t notice quite when my stress melted away. But by the time I was home, it was utterly gone.

One thing I explain to potential submissive partners is that what I need is someone who makes my life easier and that paradoxically, I’m horrible about asking for help. I need someone who recognizes what I need and offers it naturally.

It was a mutual decision to explore the little pop-up art festival tonight. But his willingness to go along and genuine enjoyment was exactly what I needed. We were in sync and happy.

It was utterly spontaneous.

And just what I needed.

He’s a keeper.

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