Updates 2.0

Holy fuck it’s been over three months since I updated this blog. Mea Culpa to the few readers I have left out there.

Here’s what’s happened since I was last here:

  • Foot surgery was scheduled – would mean 6-8 weeks non-weight bearing after
  • College in the Boston area wanted to interview me the following week – in Boston
  • Canceled foot surgery (MRI revealed no damage to the tendon so that can wait indefinitely)
  • Flew to Boston- got the job, found an apartment (all in three days)
  • Two weeks later, moved kid’s belongings to her dad’s (4 hours from home but only 90 min from her university), moved some stuff into a storage facility, sold off most of the furniture, 4 days later moved kid to college (3 hours away) and then 2 days later moved to Boston (12.5 hour drive).

It’s been a huge roller coaster physically, emotionally, and financially. I still don’t have bookshelves in my new place but it’s starting to feel like home, regardless.

The new job is good, even if it doesn’t pay quite enough to live on in New England. But beginning a new career means starting near the bottom and I’m confident the experience I’m gaining now will pay off tenfold in a few years.

I’m finally starting to feel like me again, and that’s a good thing.

I’ve been exploring New England – which this time of year is positively gorgeous. I’ve ventured out to a few munches and am starting to date again.

Hopefully I’ll keep up the blog posts this time.

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